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This place is inspired by Chiana from the series Farscape. When first created, Gigi Edgley's awesome Chiana was probably the most dramatically evocative and distinctively alien character since Nimoy's genre definitive Spock, and she had unlimited emotional accessibility and innate sex appeal to top it off. Not that I'm saying there was anything wrong with Spock sex appeal wise but it's just really not my thing. Chiana remains peerless. Right from the start, Chiana inspired my muse to come out of hiding. My muse, in turn makes me create with word and image.

I've done many things from soldier to mercy aid. You can bet I could rant on about the importance of mutual respect, respect for peace and respect for love. Heh but I'll spare you. It might sound odd, but in my soul, there's an element that's found itself closest to contentment in creating the little things you'll find here. It's slow going because I'm a fussy, slow writer. And I have a somewhat twisted muse heh heh -May these little odd creations do something for you in some way.

Right now there's adult audience stories, adult and general audience poems or what passes for them and even some general audience manips for a sideline. Just heed the warnings if you're easily offended or under age 18. Adult stuff is clearly noted so there's no trouble at this site tripod is so kindly hosting.

Story / fanfic wise, there's the extensive and extensively unconventional epic Destination Unclear that's got allot to it. Something For Nothing is what's underway now, with one stand-alone story complete. Burn Up, another novel fic you're invited to take in as far as it's done to date. All have adult-only content, let's be clear, but the first part of Something For Nothing has a version suitable for general audiences.

There's a Chi inspired poem of sorts I call QUIET, another best described as Aeryn Got It All, kinda angsty Think that's Hell, and a two word per line poem called Why Not. Latest poem is and her. I call them poems. You might have other words for them heh heh

...So. Gigi Edgley, who you should know plays Chiana, has also made a CD EP. Called ...So It Seems. She writes & sings. No she's not another model trying to be an artist. She's an artist who could model, you dig? Yeah it's something we could use more of. Check it out and get a copy here. Or download it at iTunes. Also dreamed up a Comic book called Blue Streak. Check it out here. Too cool. Got to plug her, she's a sweetheart, people. Who happens to be very creative on many levels.

Farscape was creatively superior to most anything ever on TV and it should still be continued. There was some awesome stuff in the show, so, dig it. Farscape was cancelled before completion, with a miniseries to whip up a quasi-finish to the series. There's always been talk it may come back in some form. Whatever the case, Chiana offers any new show profound and irreplaceable values, so I hope she'll be a major part of whatever happens. And that Chiana rates better treatment than they usually gave, especially after the first year. Chiana did not and does not strike me as something to part out or leave to "oh well".

Hope this finds you in peace and well being. Enjoy and feel free to E-mail me. You also might scare me up at Gigi Enthusiasts bboard. Also if anything's funky about the website let me know. It's been rewritten in standard html + css to work in text browsers as well as full on kits like Firefox or Safari. Hang in there and please come by soon.

A special thanks to the Enthusiasts for the enduring love of Chi and kindness to me.

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My muse is to blame for this dren. Jim Henson Company owns Farscape and all property including intellectual properties that pertain to it in any way.